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April 2022

  • As part of a restructuring of staff and governance, appointments have been made for the posts of Acting
    Vice Chancellor, and Deputy Vice Chancellors for Academic Affairs and for Finance and Administration.
    Other administrative and teaching posts have also been filled. On the 8 th April 2022 Archbishop Justin Badi
    led a prayer service to mark the beginning of this new phase of the life of the University. This joyful event
    was attended by all the staff of the university and the students of Bishop Gwynne School of Theology.

Dr Peter Ensor has taken up the role of Acting Vice Chancellor, Revd Dr Joseph Bilal has been appointedDeputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, and Revd Dr James Ilarious as Deputy ViceChancellor for Academic Affairs.

Dr Peter Ensor

Revd Dr Joseph Bilal

Revd Dr James Ilarious

March 2022

  • As part of the University’s partnership with Engineering Ministries International, an international team of
    engineers and architects spent 10 days in Juba and Rokon. They carried out a site survey of the land in Rokon and are working on a site master plan and an architectural program of spaces for all the buildings on the campus. A detailed phased plan and visualisation of the campus will be ready this summer. This is a major step that will enable the Episcopal University to begin fundraising and construction on the site.

  • Meanwhile, the small campus in central Juba has been renamed the Bishop Gwynne Campus of the Episcopal University. This signals the formal unification of Bishop Gwynne College – now the Bishop Gwynne School of Theology – with the university.

Oct. 03, 2021: The passing of the Bishop of Rokon, Francis Loyo Mori

  • We are so sad to hear about the death of the Bishop of Rokon, Francis Loyo Mori, after a long illness. Bishop Francis was an enthusiastic and staunch supporter of TEU ever since he took part in the initial feasibility study in 2011. He was instrumental in enabling TEU to acquire the central campus site outside Rokon. The photo shows Bishop Francis speaking at the laying of the TEU foundation stone in December 2019 on the Rokon site. 

  • Read the announcement of his death by Archbishop Justin Badi Arama here.

Bishop Rokon.jpeg

Sept. 11, 2021: ECSSSUP AGM

  • The second AGM was held on 11 September 2021. Watch the presentation and the video! We were especially glad to interview Vicky Aluur, Finance Manager of TEU and James Lule, Principal of Kajo Keji Christian College as well as Joseph Bilal, the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor of TEU. You can also access the minutes of the meeting.

KKCC Staff photo 2021.jpg

Sept. 2021: New cars!

  • TEU’s new cars have arrived! Some months ago the fuel tank of the second hand car TEU had been using fell off on the road to Rokon. Thanks to an amazing anonymous donation, as well as local fundraising TEU has just acquired two new cars! They are vital for transporting staff and engineers to the Rokon site as work begins in earnest.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-21 at 11.17.32 AM.jpeg
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