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ECSSSUP is the UK charity that exists solely to support the development of The Episcopal University (TEU) in South Sudan. 

One day, TEU will be fully self-sufficient and sustainable. But the university is still in the early stages of development and needs partnerships to survive, develop and grow. This is especially true for operational and people costs that support the day-to-day running of the university and its leadership team. That’s because these costs are typically harder to fundraise for. And that’s where ECSSSUP comes in as TEU’s founding partner.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with TEU by:

Fundraising for projects and ongoing costs through individual and institutional donors

Overseeing the delivery of critical projects that have external funding 

Representing TEU, networking on its behalf and brokering new partnerships

Capacity building in country and offering advice on higher education governance and strategy

Identifying and recruiting individuals with appropriate skills for TEU

Check out the progress we made together in 2023!

Our Finances

ECSSSUP’s regular income comes primarily from churches and individuals. All of it, apart from a very small percentage which contributes towards ECSSSUP administrative costs, goes directly to TEU’s operational costs. Other ECSSSUP income is made up of grants from foundations and partners, and these funds go towards the projects they are intended for. ECSSSUP plays a key role in ensuring funds in South Sudan are spent according to agreements with partners and reporting back on progress.

You can find all our annual reports on the
Charity Commission website.


Established in 2015, TEU brings together existing higher education colleges under the same curriculums, accreditation, vision, mission, objectives and values.

By working together, the colleges can collaborate with resourcing, expertise, sharing curriculums and forming strong staff and student connects across South Sudan.

TEU Vision

A vibrant multi-campus Christian university offering holistic learning of the highest quality

TEU Mission

To develop students holistically and inspire them to be servant leaders who transform communities in South Sudan and beyond.


Today TEU consists of the Bishop Gwynne Campus in Juba and three affiliated colleges located around the country (see below).  Further colleges will join as part of a second phase of development.  The site for a central campus and administrative centre will be located in Rokon and is now under construction.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 2.21.57 PM.png

Phase 1: Colleges

Information accurate as of Sep 2023

Juba Campus (1).jpeg
Bishop Gwynne School Campus

Location: Juba

Qualifications and disciplines:

  • BA: Theology, Law

No. of Students (approx.): 185

Kajo Keji Christian College -Staff & students 2021.jpg
Kajo-Keji Christian College

Location: Kajo-Keji

Qualifications and disciplines:

  • Diploma: Theology

  • Certificate: Education, Business

No. of Students (approx.): 188

Chaima Christian Institute

Location: Maridi

Qualifications and disciplines:

  • Diploma: Theology

  • Certificate: English, ICT, Agriculture

No. of Students (approx.): 111

St John's college.jpg
St. John's College

Location: Wau

Qualifications and disciplines:

  • Diploma: Theology, Education, Business

No. of Students (approx.): 262

Students - exams (1).jpeg
Rokon site TEU Sign.jpeg

Achieving Excellence

In order to become an academic centre of excellence, TEU has five strategic goals.

1. Strong academic infrastructure centred around a common curriculum housed in a shared virtual learning environment

2. Robust administrative infrastructure, including joint financial management

3. Excellent academic staff with appropriate qualifications

4. Strong relationships among the colleges, other South Sudanese academic organisations and universities worldwide

5. Gender balance among both staff and students

Key Projects

There is a lot of work already underway and TEU has prioritised some key projects that are critical in the next phase of development. You can support them too! 

Support Our Cause

Together, we hope to transform the lives and livelihoods of the people of South Sudan through the power of higher education. A dream this big needs all of us!

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