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After decades of internal conflict both before and since its independence in 2011, South Sudan is a highly fragile country that needs to return to stability. 

Education – and specifically higher education – is the best hope to change the dynamics of violence in the country and cultivate a new generation of leaders who will drive long-term peace and development.

However, there is a substantial shortage of high-quality teachers and lecturers and the number of university places available falls well below the number of qualified school leavers. Access to higher education remains extremely limited despite significant improvements
since independence and the contributions of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS),
especially to theological education.

Why A University?

Without investment in higher education to produce the leaders and professionals of tomorrow, South Sudan will not be able to build economic stability, national infrastructure and a peaceful civic society.

That’s why we need a university of the highest quality in South Sudan!

Show Me the Data!

Unemployment in South Sudan is estimated at 11% of the population while youth unemployment is estimated at 50% and continues to rise. Youth unemployment is exacerbated by low levels of education, limited skills, and a weak economy. South Sudanese youth constitute about 73% of the country’s population (2022).


"In our country, South Sudan, there are laws, but some individuals tend to be above the law and they make those who are poor, suffer and turn them into victims...

In our outreach in Yei, we visit people in prison and we find young people who are imprisoned simply because there is no-one who will fight for their rights. Looking at what is happening now, I must do something. As a lawyer, I will stand with those who are voiceless. I will advocate for their rights. I want to serve my community, serve my country and even the world, by God’s grace.”

-David from Yei, law student at TEU 


Support Our Cause

Together, we hope to transform the lives and livelihoods of the people of South Sudan through the power of higher education. A dream this big needs all of us!

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